agricolture and agro-industry

raw material extraction and energy

staple trasformation industry

manufacturing industry

transport and trasportation engineering

community works and defence

successful functionings


Petroleum/petrochemical/chemical industries:
- oil and grease lubrication for refinery pumps and reducers
- acid/alkali/solvent-resistant grease lubrication for parts of chemical plants

Steel industry:
- grease lubrication for harbour handling equipment
- lubrication for coke ovens gas valves
- agglomeration section grease lubrication
- grease or oil forced lubrication for continuous castings
- grease or oil forced lubrication for hot rolling-mill
- grease lubrication of dog clutches
- grease lubrication for metal ropes and gantry cranes
- hydraulic circuits with fire-resistant fluids
- antiseize lubrication for casting ladle drawers and rolling-mill segments
- grease lubrication for casting ladle support bearings

Cement industry:
- grease lubrication of crown wheels for mills and ovens
- hot-lubrication for oven grates
- grease lubrication for bearings of high-efficiency mills
Paper industry:
- grease lubrication of cylinder bearings for drying and damp sections of paper mills
- oil forced lubrication reducers and cylinder bearings in drying and damp sections of paper mills
- grease and oil forced lubrication for corrugated carton machine bearings

Glass industry:

- lubrication for bearings and supports of castings
- release agents for moulding of manufactured goods
- cooling, lubrication and anticorrosive protection for casting shears
Wood industry:
- hot-lubrication of tunnel chains for plywood weathering
- hot-lubrication of tunnel chains for painting/finishing parquet and panels
- lubrication for barker machine bearings