agricolture and agro-industry

raw material extraction and energy

staple trasformation industry

manufacturing industry

transport and trasportation engineering

community works and defence

successful functionings


Metal processing:
- release agents with graphite and non for brass and steel hot-stamping
- lubrication in drawing operations for tubes and wires made of brass, copper, iron and steel
- lubrication in drawing operations for sectional iron and steel
- grease lubrication for bearings and supports of rolling-mills
- lubrication/release agents aluminium foundries and pressure casting
- hydraulic circuits with fire-resistant fluids
- oil hardening for ferrous metals

Metal and mechanical industry:
- metalworking fluids of machine-tools for chip machining
- products for stamping, processing and light shearing
- oleodynamic circuits with long-lasting filterable hydraulic fluids
- grease lubrication of mechanical parts
- rust-proof protection for metallic manufactured goods

Textile industry:
- hot-lubrication for chains of dyeing/finishing plants
- lubrication for circular and straight knitting machinery

Plastic and rubber processing:
- silicone grease and compound lubrication of manufactured goods
- rust-proof protection for cooling circuits
- oleodynamic circuits with long-lasting filterable hydraulic fluids

Ceramics industry:
- grease lubrication of crown wheels for constant milling
- grease lubrication for bearings of high efficiency mills
- hydraulic press circuit
- hot-lubrication of drying systems chains

Paper-transformation industry:
- lubrication of paper-transformation machinery
- lubrication of rotary pressing machines

Furniture industry:
- hot-lubrication of tunnel chains for painting/finishing
- grease lubrication of castors

Machine-tools and robotics:
- grease lubrication of high-velocity rotation bearings
- centralized lubrication of machine tools