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New grease packages

The well-known tube packages, 5 to 250 gr., are being employed in the after-market of cars, commercial and industrial vehicles, in the gardening and hobby sector and also in the industrial spare parts. Today, shoulder to shoulder, you can find even the sachet packs.
They can be filled with any type of product, they can be of diverse sizes and they can vary from 3 to 200gr. They are made with triple layer material ( PE/ALL/PET) sweat-proof and holding-resistant, particularly suitable for lubricants.They can have personalized printing.
Competitive prices and working flexibility are guaranteed by the two automatic machines just put into function. We foretell an increase in our production equal to 1,5 million packages manufactured for the upcoming year.

A new monitoring service which estimates the condition of hydraulic-oils

A correct functioning of hydraulic-plants, which are employed with modern pressing and machine tools, is guaranteed by a series of targeted interventions applied directly on the fluids technical characteristics and on the hard oil cleaning/filtration operations. The functioning efficiency of filters can be indirectly verified by monitoring the fluid state at regular intervals.
A new feature of our Customer's Service includes a periodic analysis of the contamination level of fluids used, in accordance with the ISO 4406 or NAS 1638 standard. This analysis also includes the regular inspection of the physical chemical parameters of fluids used, such as: viscosity, density, humidity, acidity and others.
This is a free service offered to all those that use our long-lasting, ultra-filterable mineral/synthetic oils (i.e. SIGNAL CO AL, SIGNAL CO AL EXTRA, SIGNAL SINTPRESS, SIGNAL IDROFLUX S, SIGNAL VISCOFLUID AG). These oils have been manufactured following characteristics fit for various needs, such as: high thermo-oxidative and antiaging base fluids, a natural high viscosity index (when necessary) and an "ashless" additivity type (blockage-free filtration).
The client will stand to benefit from this service, which maximizes the perfect functioning of hydraulic actuators by preventing retardation or blockage of the more delicate parts (servovalves), production scraps and machine shutdown. All which guarantees a longer fluid service life.

New calcium overbasic sulphonate grease

The rich range of lubricating greases for industrial use is toppled by a highly innovative and versatile product, which has its roots in the modern technology of calcium overbasic sulphonate.
This new grease available in only one penetration grade NLGI 2 embraces all the typical characteristics of the more traditional ones, such as:
- high dropping point
- elevated mechanical stability
- high intrinsic EP and antiwear properties
- superior antirust capability
- remarkable water-resistance

It’s formulated with a high viscosity base oil (ISO 460), and it's ideal for lubrication of low speed/highly loaded bearings, also by centralized lubrication systems thanks to its good pumping features for the following applications:
- continuos castings and rolling-mills of steel industries
- rolling mills for tubes in copper, brass and other alloys
- cylinder bearings for drying and damp sections of paper mills
- threaded joints of drilling tubes and bar for fluid extraction
- constant-velocity joints of vehicles