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Cesare Parodi founded Viscol in 1955. It has always been a family-run company, which has lately been transformed into a Ltd.
Viscol has been able to keep pace with the competitive and international market thanks to its technological and applicative expertise and its dynamism. It has manufactured a vast array of lubricating products to satisfy clients specific needs.

The entire business location, including executive offices, laboratories and factory, is situated in Ronco Scrivia Genoa, near the A7 motorway. It covers an area of 24,000 sq.m. The company is always on the forefront of the lubricating field thanks to its productive elasticity.
Viscol has become a benchmark for various industrial fields regarding specific applicative products made-to-satisfy clients needs. Its lubricants have sprung from an internal know-how and its continuos contact with builders, suppliers and consumers.

To this end, Viscol has been able to expand its production and to always operate following the hi-quality Majors standards. Its structure, opportune and effective, is placing on the market a large array of products that provide lubricating solutions for various industrial fields coupled with quality, reliability, innovative capability and an excellent price/performance return.
The lubricating greases represent a significant specialization, a remarkable production that holds a 15% and higher share on the national market.

Great care is always given to the quality and manufacturing of its products which is in conformity with the ISO 9002-guarantee of quality. And the service is not to be overlooked! Viscol guarantees a continuos and effective technical assistance backing all its products.

At the present, the company is able to supply high-performance lubricants in various packing solutions worldwide (from a few grams to several tons in bulk), and to study product-formulation done for client's specific needs.

Lubricants manufactured by VISCOL may bear either the SIGNAL trademark or "private labeling" consisting in client's own trademarks